7 Ways To Find Beta Users To Test Your App​

When building an app, there are many different things you need to do. Create it, market it, come up with all the right ideas and more. However, one step that many people miss (but shouldn’t) is testing it. Testing your app will make sure that it not only works in all the ways you want it to, but also that it gets market validation from your target market.

Beta testing your app will make sure that once your app is open to the public, or to your employees, it will be ready and you can be confident in how people have responded. However, in order to go through beta testing, you need some people willing to test it. While this might seem simple, that isn’t always the case.

This article will take a look at a few different ways and helpful tips that can assist you in finding quality beta users to test your app.

Create and Use an Email List

If you run a company or are releasing an app, having an email list is an incredible idea. Before you even launch your app or test it, you should be sending this email list helpful content, tips, guides, and more. From the list, narrow down the most engaged people and offer them beta access to your app once it’s at that stage.

By involving them with the process early and keeping them around through development and beta testing, these users will likely be opening to offering you feedback on your app, becoming testers and more. They will also be in your target market and be familiar with your niche and industry, which both make for great app testers.

Use A Burst Campaign

While this is generally most common when marketing an app that is already done, it can also be helpful in finding beta testers for your app. A burst campaign is when you aggressively purchase media over a very short time period, with the goal of getting your app noticed by as many people as possible. This is instead of purchasing smaller amounts of media over a longer period of time.

This method of using a burst campaign can help you get beta testers fast, as opposed to other approaches. While it is not guaranteed to work, if the ads and promotions that you run are solid, you are likely yo get some interested parties who want to beta test your app.

You Could Seek Them Out Yourself in Person

Depending on the type of app that you are creating, there might be a certain type of person that you are marketing to, and thus, there will be a certain person that you need to beta test it. For example, if your app ha a target market of college students, you may want to pay a visit to your local campus to recruit some students to potentially beta test your app.

In addition to that, if your app is quite general and will be used by a wide range of people, you can always reach out to your family and friends to help with beta testing. They will likely be interested and would love to help, and can provide you with honest and truthful responses about your

Websites That Provide Beta Testing Services

In the past few years, several websites have emerged that can help you beta test your app easier than ever before. While each is different and has their own prices, terms, conditions and features, they all aim to help you beta test your app quicker and easier than ever before.

The internet is full of online guides that can help you decide which to use, but many offer a free trial or something of the sort, so you will be able to see which you like the best. Also, there is no rule against using more than one, so feel free to use as many as you want.

Reddit and Other Social Media Platforms

Social media has changed the world in countless different ways, one of which is making it easier than ever to find beta testers. There are people of all backgrounds on social media, so finding the right type of people for your beta tests should be simple. All you need to do is either make a post, or seek out users who have shown to be interested in this kind of thing.

While Reddit is the most common place to find testers, as there are literal subreddits with thousands of people willing and ready to test out apps of all different shapes and sizes, it is not the only place to go. Facebook, Twitter, and even Instagram can be great places to find beta testers. Best of all, seeking out beta testers via social media can also be more affordable than traditional methods, as well.

Provide Value to Early Adopters in Some Way

If you want people to beta test your app, you often need to provide them with some sort of value or content in order to get them to do so. People will be more willing to help you out if you offer something to them in return. Whether it is some money, some extra content once the app is fully released or even just value in the form of an e-book or helpful guide that the community can utilize.

While not everyone will need “convincing” (for lack of a better term) to help you out, it couldn’t hurt to offer them something to ensure they truly provide and honest and thorough opinion. Having beta testers who don’t take it seriously is never a good thing, as it can leave you with inaccurate information about the viability of your application. Providing something of value in return will almost surely get more people interested in beta testing your app, so be sure to consider it!

Be as Personal as Possible

When looking for people to review and beta test your app, you should approach it with as much of a personal touch as possible. When approaching people to review your app, you should do so kindly and as a human, not as some robot trying to get people to test an app. Get them to know and understand how much this beta testing means to the app and more.

Also, once the beta testing is done, be sure to reach out and personally thank each and every person for their contribution and assistance. They have helped your company out in a huge way and you should make sure they know how important that was to you and your app. Who knows, these testers might become customers or users in the long run, so treat them with a lot of respect.

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In conclusion, hopefully the tips and ways included in this article can help you find the right beta testers to try out your new app. Beta testing is extremely important to ensure you app is usable and is right for your target market. However, it isn’t the only thing you’ll need to test, as other things such as load testing are also incredibly important.

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