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4 Tips to Engage Your App Users

When you create an app, think about all the details. If you want your app to assist, bring money, and work for your audience, you need to intensely nurture it at the idea stage.

Tip 1: Create a trial version

Create a trial version with in-app purchases or an option to subscribe to a premium version. The trial version should reveal the value your application brings. And the user should understand why he needs to buy the yearly subscription for $14.99. It may be a video course subscription or unlimited access to cloud storage. Whatever it is, your price should showcase the value this app can bring.

Tip 2: Present app as a solution to a problem

Present your application as a solution to a problem. Or show how your app helps you solve problems. It’s not a part of marketing; it’s about making sure the user understands the benefits. Display your solutions via App Store/Google Play video and screen previews. Also, include some tips for new users inside of an app (pop-ups and onboarding screens).

Tip 3: Encourage your users

Yes, they deserve it. Why not give a little gift for the beginning of a subscription period? It may be a digital or physical thing, depending on your strategy and budget. At the moment, the most popular digital gifts are discounts, free in-app purchases, and social network stickers.

Tip 4: Push notifications.

Don’t forget to implement them. They can remind your users about an end-of-day special or show personal suggestions. If deals and specials would hurt your profitability too much, you can use these notifications to simply remind users about important functions within your app. Such notifications will show that you care about your customers.

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