Retail & eCommerce

While UXDLAB has delivered web and mobile applications across industries, our expertise in Retail remains the most comprehensive. We have deployed hundreds of e-commerce websites with differing functionalities.

Worldwide e-commerce growth is on the rise, and it has placed immense pressure on manufacturers and retailers to differentiate themselves and provide superior shopping experiences online. Netscribes helps you navigate market challenges and accelerate your e-commerce business by providing market intelligence and e-commerce content solutions.

We’ve worked with over 100 clients in the retail sector across the globe, including retail chains, e-commerce startups, and helped over 50,000 sellers optimize their product listings on some of the world’s leading online marketplaces to improve product discovery and conversion.

Our experienced e-commerce services include-

  • Determining functionalities, plugins, traffic influx and performance benchmarks
  • Determining integration services for the site
  • Determining the server-database architecture
  • UI Design and approval
  • Programming the website
  • Stress testing the site with web-based tools to meet predetermined benchmarks
  • Deployment of the site

Multi-Channel Management

If you are an active seller on the largest marketplaces, multi-channel management becomes a necessity. At UXDLAB, you get all the key services for multi-channel management. These include-

  • Automatic Channel sync across marketplaces
  • Auto-update of inventory
  • Auto-update of shipping information
  • Accounting and payment integrations such as Xero and Stripe
  • Enable payment in multiple currencies
  • Real-time analytics for your ecommerce store

Integration Service

We have accomplished a large number of third-party integrations for hundreds of e-commerce sites. Our integration service includes-

  • Integration for Marketplaces
  • Integration for Shopping Carts
  • Integrations for Point of Sale and Shipping
  • Integrations for Payment and Accounting
  • Integrations for Point of Sale and Shipping
  • CRM integrations for relationship management and others

Mobile Commerce

Most of the e-commerce businesses have a fully functional mobile app running parallel with the website. However, Mobile commerce is not limited to apps alone. Our services for mobile commerce include-

  • Building your m-commerce app
  • Testing your m-commerce app and deployment
  • Determining performance parameters for mobile
  • Set up mobile analytics as the mobile UI and UX generates different traffic patterns
  • Building mobile notification services

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