We help you automate your shipping, tracking and realtime notifications to make your logistics efficient and profitable


Logistics are an integral part of e-commerce and online retail. Logistics involves physical distribution or physically moving goods from one place to another, meaning costs associated with human labor. To  ascertain its effectiveness, real-time information for logistics must be available to sellers all the times. Timely Shipping and Pickup constitutes heavily to customer satisfaction while untimely shipping services may have you earn a bad review pretty quickly.

Our world-class developers and designers can help automate your everyday tasks, provide real-time updates, reduce redundancy and do everything possible to streamline your workflow process.

Increase efficiency during every stage of your logistics and transportation process. We work with enterprises to rethink and execute innovation.

Increase security, cut fuel expense, control work time, increase the productivity of drivers through a real-time tracking system. We identify requirements and implement required solutions.

Shipping integrations

Shipping logistics management is faced with a big challenge to develop solutions for various shipping needs, varying from labor to fossil fuels.  This challenge extends to solving the problems of increased labor and fuel costs due to growth in freight transportation and consequently the increased demand of labor and fossil fuels.
Also, shipping logistics management includes finding solutions for the negative environmental impact of increased consumption of fossil fuels. It is also concerned with safety and security of the transported items.  Shipping logistics management extends to the management of fleets of vehicles used in the shipping process.  By using Global Positioning System (GPS) vehicle tracking systems it is easy to increase the productivity of the fleets and decrease fuel consumption.

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